can you have a laugh with them?

It's so important to get on with your photographer & videographer! We will be with you all day, we see it all, the tears, the laughter, the nerves and the excitement! We like to build a relationship before your big day, this helps you feel way more comfortable in front of the camera, and our aim is to feel like your friends - who happen to get some awesome photos & footage. We want to have a laugh with you, and help make your day even more fun!



candid? laidback? discreet?

We spend the majority of the day shooting candid moments, we don't want our couples feeling like they have a camera in their face, so we blend in. We love catching those natural moments that you couldn’t make up and all the emotions! We'll make the group shots as quick and painless as possible, we know these can drag on! Then we'll sneak you away for the couple portraits where we can have a laugh, and let you guys have your first moments together that day!



is it All about you?

YES! You are our priority! Whether you want to go and spend more time with your guests, or have more time having couple portraits - we'll check in to make sure you're happy and having the best day celebrating with your favourite people! We'll always let you know if there's an awesome sunset for a great photo op - but will never pressure you! We're there for you, and if you're happy - we're happy!



We want to know it all!


Whoever you choose, make sure they're easy to talk to! A great photographer & videographer recognises how key open communication is. If you're feeling nervous - tell us! If you'd love to try a certain shot - let us know! The more you tell us, the better we'll be able to get to know you and we'll be able to deliver the photos & films you deserve.


for memories that last

Choosing the right wedding photographer & videographer for you, is one of the most important investments you'll make. As days pass, and memories start to fade, it's the only way to look back at your wedding day, and feel those feelings again! To be able to listen back to the speeches, to see how happy you and you partner are, and to see all of your loved ones celebrating along with you... to keep those memories alive and share them is priceless.


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