So thankful you are here!

Hi, We're Angie & Matt!

Not just another love story...

Once upon a time (2015) in a kingdom far away (Maidstone) we met as strangers in a magical, mystical place (Fremlins Walk). As our eyes flitted across the crowded walkway, we avoided making direct eye contact with each other (awkward), until the clock struck midnight and our enchanted, modern fairytale beginning was at risk of being diminished into an anecdote, until Matt, fuelled with bravado (and a few Disaranno and cokes) battled his way through the fearsome crowd just so he could ask for my hand – so he could write his number on it.

Six years later, we are still living our happily ever after. Each time we tell our story, we replay each moment in our minds, like a film that just gets better with time. Three years ago, we decided to put our relationship to the ultimate test (no, we didn’t try and load the dishwasher together) but we chose to start a new, professional journey together, for the simple reason that we had both fallen in love with film and photography. Matt left his job as a primary school teacher to pursue his passion for film, and whilst I had always loved photography, I was too busy running my own beauty salon ( so I started out by helping Matt.

We are incredibly lucky to share the privilege of filming and photographing chapters of our client’s stories on their wedding day. We are honest and passionate in our approach, which is why we ask you to fill out our Perfect Match application form.

We believe in going the extra mile.


I'm proud to be a

I'm Actually qualified AS

dog mum & photographer

an aesthetician

nothing makes me happier than seeing

my favourite film is

my dogs (whippet/greyhound & labrador)

love rosie

I started my own business

the next country I want to travel to is


at the age of 20

my favourite tv show is

the us office

Some stuff you need to know about me


I’m Obsessed With

I Actually Have a Degree

in sport science & primary teaching

coffee / lindor chocolate

My Favorite film is

Nothing makes me happier than

being at the beach

jurassic park

I Started This Business

my favourite place is


4 years ago

My perfect hobby

Some stuff you need to know about me

football or eating (is that a hobby?)


... then we're the couple for you!